Fiona Padfield is an accomplished English novelist and playwright who became a national sensation with her controversial plays Strip, directed by Peter James at the Lyric, Hammersmith and  Snapshots, which was produced at the Manchester Royal Exchange and directed by Braham Murray. She now lives and writes from a farmhouse in the Welsh countryside. 
Her life story has certainly provided enough material for great fiction. Raised in public schools, she has worked as a stripper, actress, teacher, writer, farmer and very importantly, the formidable mother of two very talented children. 
The daughter of one of the UK’s most prominent historians, Padfield has braved cultural and psychological no-go zones in the UK with some brutal honesty and original prose, unleashing controversy, nudging what often appears to be some unshakeable societal pillars in the UK  with her novels and plays. 
Her latest novel, Allegation 17, is, to say the least, very topical and controversial.  It is a shocking but empowering read given our news environment and the social, gender ebullition we are undergoing. Her narrative style is dialectical, a multi-layered dialogue between the inner and outer world of a depressed woman who has to face the UK’s notorious family court. It s based on a true story.


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