We are thrilled to announce that Rand Raynor will now serve as our West Coast Editor and Representative.

Casa Forte Press’s new Pacific Northwest Representative is a transplant from the Athens, Georgia music scene, where he spent much of his time quoting lyrics of old FM gems with his best mate Ross Shapiro from The Glands and playing drums with a number of acts. A voracious reader, Rand’s knowledge of film, music and popular culture is impressive, to say the least.  He has a weakness for crime  and pulp fiction.  Some of his favorites include Charles Willeford, Patricia Highsmith,  Denise Mina (Scottish), and Sara Gran.  
“And then there’s always Philip K. Dick,” he says.

In New York, he studied Art History at Johns Hopkins University and Media Production before heading to Georgia where he finished his bachelors in Religion.
He holds a Masters of Arts Education from Pacific University. 

Rand is a drummer for Portland-based Lab13.

Here is a video of a recent performance:



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