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Mayflower II Diary by Peter Padfield

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The Work by JD Hollingsworth

“Jesus H, Bragg… thing like this… gotta be seen. Jus’ gotta…”

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Frankenstein’s Paradox by JD Hollingsworth

“I knew… though I had walked through the valley of the shadow, that for then, for now, and by the grace and protection of Smith & Wesson and our Lord Jesus Christ, we were safe.”

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Lula Falcão’s


Vultures in the
Living Room

and other stories

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A Cappella Books
208 Haralson Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 681-5128

Avid Bookshop on Prince Ave
493 Prince Ave
Athens, GA 30601

Avid Bookshop in Five Points
1662 S. Lumpkin St
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Low Yo Yo Stuff Records
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Complimentary Stories by Our Authors

SEA OF MUD, by Lula Falcão

Sea of Mud is fresh off the press from Lula Falcão’s collection of short stories in Portuguese. In this first-ever English translation, we experience a different tone to Falcão’s writing that speaks to the political, environmental and existential landscape of today’s Brazil: man-made disasters, urban alienation, complex and insidious political schemes. In  Mar de Lama, we find ourselves in the Anthropocene landscape with its strange gravitational forces and unfamiliar natural phenomena, new laws of physics. Nevertheless, this is a love story that honors the language of Brazil’s Cinema Novo which the author is more than familiar with.

Translation: Helena Cavendish de Moura with special thanks to Andrew Michael Brown

ABOUT A FRIEND, by Fiona Padfield

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“There was never a moment when we met or introduced ourselves; we just knew each other and treated each other with respect.  I was, after all, his future wife; well, I presumed I was. “



Translated by Andrew Michael Brown and Helena Cavendish de Moura

RIFLES, by Lula Falcão

The public supports it and that’s all that matters, the new President announced to a press corps readied for the spectacle. Corporate sponsors include a cosmetics company and a bank.”


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